You own a brand.
What do you do with it?


Your brand is the first point of contact with your audiences. Generate sustainable growth, innovate meaningfully, recruit the right employees, retain your customers… Faced with these challenges, brand design offers tangible answers.

We unlock the potential of brands through design: we connect companies to their times, facilitate their adaptation to change, reveal their purpose and unite their teams around strong and visionary brands.

By combining business issues and creativity, we invent innovative solutions to accelerate your growth and reveal your uniqueness. 

We are not born a brand, we become one.

Experts in brand management, Semeurs has developed actions adapted to the maturity, needs and objectives of each company.

Our offers

Evaluate your brand: Deep understanding of your brand perception.

Our intervention allows us to evaluate the performance of your brand across all points of contact.
Identify opportunities for improvement in the face of your competition and maximize the positive aspects of your brand image.

Develop and bring your brand's language to life: Optimize your company's experience across all of its speaking engagements.

Based on the existing benchmarks of your identity, we develop your brand language with meaning and coherence, whether by creating an employer brand, organizing your brand portfolio, or deploying a network charter. social…

Create your Brand: define the foundations of a brand that embodies your business, making converge strategic and creative expertise.

We provide complete support, including the 3 aspects of branding: The strategic aspect by establishing the brand platform. The creative aspect
by finding a name, creating a logo and a visual universe and the application aspect: how to optimize the user experience and the brand experience on each medium.

Our method

Time 1:
Defining your DNA
and bring out your uniqueness

Time 2:
Bring your identity to life
and shape your brand language

Time 3:
Deploy the brand experience across every touchpoint

Time 4:
Support decision-makers to cultivate your brand

a state of mind

We sow new ideas, we challenge conventions and cultivate collaborative approaches at the crossroads of many creative disciplines. We instill strategic vision, creative audacity and visionary spirit in the service of your brands.

Sowers is a way of seeing the world and acting by broadening the field of perspectives. It’s a desire to help ideas, talents and entrepreneurial spirit grow. 

Our team

Sowers crew

Experts in brand management, Semeurs has developed actions adapted to the maturity, needs and objectives of each company.