How to convince your market from the launch?

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Asteren • Creation of a landmark brand

Proving yourself isn’t just a matter of time! Revealing your vision, asserting your expertise or sharing your commitment allows you to quickly acquire strong credibility! This is the successful bet of the three young partners of Asteren: personally invested in the creation of their identity, they laid down the fundamentals of their brand from the launch. Inspired by the star which guides and provides benchmarks, the agency created all the components of the brand and its language: the name, the visual identity and its overall deployment. Marking a break with the codes of a regulated profession, the Asteren brand revitalizes the image of the legal representative.

How to recruit and unite in a period of growth?

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Almond • Creation of a flagship brand

In times of change andgrowth, the benchmarks are moving, companies mustsend a strong message strong> and unifying for the attention of their audience. This is the challenge of the merger of the Almond and Rampar companies: creating a new brand language for the attention of the 350 employees and future talents. With the strengthening of its employer brand, Almond becomes a key player in cybersecurity in France and in Europe. After leading the redesign of the brand platform, we introduced innovative visual and verbal markers: a new brand signature “Move Forward, we watch your back”, the creation of a coded alphabet featuring a real visual language and a new iconographic style. These unique and living signs have become symbols of recognition and rallying, embodying a corporate culture that has become visible and embodied.

How to win public trust when we are young

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Pop Women Festival • Creation of a brand that shines

Emerge and gain the trust of its audience as young brand with a engaged theme represents a challenge. For that, Pop Woman Festival, a young festival confided in Sowers the creation of a visual identity which reinforces the recognition of the festival and transmits in a clear and open manner the desire to represent women, artistic transdisciplinarity, as well as the creative and optimistic spirit that underpins the festival. Three years later, this singular identity is a real support for programming, both a guarantee of credibility for partners and mobilizing marker for the spectators. By highlighting this strong identity, the festival establishes a authentic connection with your audience, thus strengthening trust and generating buy-in.

How reveal unique know-how in a competitive international market?

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Unima • Creation of a committed brand of excellence

Experience and expertise are fundamental which constitute valid evidence in a competitive market. It is therefore essential to talk about it, and what could be more effective than doing it through posture of its brand ? For that, Unima chose to highlight the reasons why his shrimp is considered the best in the world: unique quality and sustainable production conditions in Madagascar. Thus, theidentify designed by Sowers East in phase with this DNA : a logo designed as a label of excellence, a custom typography, of the shooting taken on the island, by local photographers... Deployed on institutional supports of the brand (packaging, aquaculture farm signage and website), it reveals all the dimensions of a committed brand of excellence. Result: a increased visibility and a brand now recognized by major players in the international gastronomy.

How to do grow a cause by making it accessible to the greatest number?

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Riace • A protective brand

Shape her brand allows you to gain clarity and therefore attractiveness, and this is all the more true for sensitive projects like NGOs or endowment funds, where trust and meaning are at the heart ofstakeholder buy-in. To achieve this, the fRiace endowment funds, specialized in welcoming the most deprived, entrusted the Sowers the creation of its brand. Built with a powerful iconographic language, thevisual identity of Riace now relays the commitment, vision and spirit from the endowment fund, specifying its role and allowing it to consolidate his community and of mobilize actively attracting more donors.

How to evolve the image of a job to redesign it the future ?

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FHBX • A brand that builds connections

By creating FHBX, Hélène Bourbouloux and its partners had the ambition to transform the image of their profession by connecting it more to its economic and societal environment. To restore all its letters of nobility to the mission of thejudiciary Administrator, FHBX relied on theSemeurs agency to build a distinctive brand strategy, combining design and event communication operations. In 10 years, FHBX has built an image of distinctive mark reconciling commitment, audacity and independence of mind. Over time, the agency has deployed a resolutely contemporary and committed visual language, revitalizing the image of an entire profession. 

How to become an essential reference?

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Ayache • A powerfully distinctive brand

Leaders are no longer the only ones to benefit fromstrong notoriety : businesses cultivating a strong brand can also achieve this. This is the case of the Ayache law firm, which took up this challenge with the Semeurs agency. After building a truly unique brand, Ayache renewed its partnership to evolve towards a relational brand, promoting a personalized dialogue with its customers. The agency designed an evolution of the visual identity boldly marrying two complementary styles, paving the way for a lively and uninhibited brand language. Cultivating the art of shifting, the Ayache site offers a disruptive brand experience, far removed from the static codes used by the profession.

How to build a brand strategy based on expertise of its founder ?

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Malene Rydahl • A brand that connects cultures

For any entrepreneur, it is sometimes difficult to take a step back, to broaden your perspectives in order to communicate effectively about what you do and what you offer. Build your brand, it’s about giving meaning to your story and clarify your expertise. This is precisely what we explored with Malene Rydhal to converge and unite in a unique story, creating bridges between Danish savoir-vivre and French savoir-vivre, years ofexpertise on theempathy in the service of a fulfilling management. Together we created a landmark, the MR method, which oversees its entire process. By creating his brand identity, we have highlighted the essential elements that resonate with its different audiences, helping to promote the relevance and conviction around its image among managers and decision-makers of large companies.

How promote an innovative approach to stand out from its competitors?

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AAPI Health • A brand that revisits the health experience

To be considered as innovative, an offer, a service, or products must clearly demonstrate their advantages and differences. Faced with highly processed check-up services, AAPI wishes to provide a differentiated approach, more human and less anxiety-inducing than the very functional approaches of competitors. To demonstrate its commitment and will, the brand acts as the first lever of this demonstration.

How transform the image of a sector or a profession?

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Jacobson • Visual identity for

The legitimacy of a sector or market arises from its ability to be connected to its environment and needs (target, cultural context, societal trends). By creating FHBX, Hélène Bourbouloux and her associates did not simply have an entrepreneurial project, but also the ambition and the desire to give their general service mission a well-deserved legitimacy in the world of the French economy.

How increase perceived value to guarantee its positioning ?

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BCTG • A brand that asserts itself

The first impression that it gives helps shape the perception of an organization. This is true in every interaction. Although many companies benefit from excellent reputation, inadequate representation can compromise the value perceived by their customers. Based on this observation, BCTG, a business law firm, wished that his image faithfully reflects the quality of its expertise for over 50 years, as well as its pillar values : prestigious clients, recognized professionalism and rigor, united team and respectful atmosphere. Without forgetting his ambitions. The first step was, for Sowers, to reinforce the name of the firm with a strong but balanced logo. The rest of the new identity emphasizes the precision, seriousness and importance of interpersonal relationships. Today, BCTG succeeds in aligning the essence of the firm with its image, creating a faithful representation of what the firm really is and its aspirations.