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How to win public trust when we are young

Pop Women Festival • Creation of a brand that shines

Emerge and gain the trust of its audience as young brand with a engaged theme represents a challenge. For that, Pop Woman Festival, a young festival confided in Sowers the creation of a visual identity which reinforces the recognition of the festival and transmits in a clear and open manner the desire to represent women, artistic transdisciplinarity, as well as the creative and optimistic spirit that underpins the festival. Three years later, this singular identity is a real support for programming, both a guarantee of credibility for partners and mobilizing marker for the spectators. By highlighting this strong identity, the festival establishes a authentic connection with your audience, thus strengthening trust and generating buy-in.

Pop Woman !

Cette image transmet de manière claire et ouverte le désir de représenter la création féminine, la transdisciplinarité artistique, ainsi que l’esprit créatif et optimiste.

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