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How to convince your market from the launch?

Asteren • Creation of a landmark brand

Proving yourself isn’t just a matter of time! Revealing your vision, asserting your expertise or sharing your commitment allows you to quickly acquire strong credibility! This is the successful bet of the three young partners of Asteren: personally invested in the creation of their identity, they laid down the fundamentals of their brand from the launch. Inspired by the star which guides and provides benchmarks, the agency created all the components of the brand and its language: the name, the visual identity and its overall deployment. Marking a break with the codes of a regulated profession, the Asteren brand revitalizes the image of the legal representative.

L'identité d'Asteren reflète son approche du métier : simple, humaine et efficace.

Une identité simple et claire. Un mot, un monogramme, une couleur.Asteren affiche clairement sa volonté de simplification et d’épure. Asteren casse les codes du secteur : pas d’acronymes, pas de symbole“techniques”. L’identité d’Asteren reflète son approche du métier : simple, humaine et efficace.

Le nom, l’identité et la personnalité d’Asteren ne font qu’un.

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